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Indiana lawyer Jason Wiskumayer, an experienced Indiana Laborer and bankruptcy lawyer, was honored for his contribution in the legal field and with high credit for his experience in the field. US and Who's Of Executives and Professionals.  Jason recently received Small Business Excellence Award.  Jason is a respected Indiana lawyer in the legal community, supported by lawyers' bar clients and members for personal injury, civil suits, bankruptcy and many other legal representation. After 10 years of experience, personal injury attorney and bankruptcy attorney Jason Wismeier will learn about your situation, plan, discuss solutions with you and solve your situation.

Established in 2002


Injury and bankruptcy lawyer I'm going through bankruptcy, seizure prevention, & I specialize in. a car accident Did you get injured in a car accident or other people's negligence, slipping and falling? Do you need to know if bankruptcy makes sense or is avoided? I'd like a convenient place and reservation time. They also specialize in business law, real estate law, general litigation, and real estate planning solutions such as will, trust, digital assets, and legal medical capabilities.

After graduating from the Department of Law at the University of Indiana in 2002 and graduated from the Indiana Kelly School of Business in 1999, Jason Wischmeyer represents small and medium businesses, large companies, and individuals for various legal issues throughout Indiana.  Jason recommends that clients avoid disputes and litigation. However, he was a good judge and proved to have filed a suit and won several jury and bench trials in Indiana.  In 2009, Jason left Wischmeyer Law Office from its regional legal office. Wischmeyer Law Office is a law firm that works with customers to work together to achieve mutual success and growth and provide a variety of pricing structures. The  Jason enjoys working with their families, works in various community organizations such as Gails Inc. and Rotary Club, and through CASA (Court Survey), offers advice and campaign advice in the political world.

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